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Written on July 20th, 2021

BROCK BUZZ  | The Insider Edition

By Brock Smeaton | July 20, 2021


Welcome to the Buzz, the first of many posts detailing important information for West Vancouver home owners.

As a leading waterfront Realtor in West Vancouver, my first Buzz post is about sea level rise and proposed flood mitigation legislation.

As a result of climate change, coastal areas, including West Vancouver’s waterfront, are vulnerable to flooding from extreme weather. This risk will continue to increase with projected sea level rise in the future where low-lying areas will become even more vulnerable to flooding over time. West Vancouver is developing flood mitigation legislation. For more information click here https://westvancouver.ca/environment/climate-change/sea-level-rise

If you live on the water and want to know how this could impact the sale of your home, or if you are building a home on the waterfront, talk to me about current guidelines.

Thank you for being an Insider!


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