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Written on August 24th, 2021

BROCK BUZZ | The Insider Edition

By Brock Smeaton | August 24th, 2021


West Vancouver Council voted on July 27th to approve bylaws aimed at preserving neighbourhood character while allowing for what some are calling ‘gentle densification’ in the District.

The Official Community Plan (OCP) includes a suite of policies to advance housing objectives. These include policies to regenerate single-family oriented

neighbourhoods with sensitive infill options (such as smaller homes on smaller lots and coach houses) and policies to respect neighbourhood

character. Specifically:

2.1.1 Amend neighbourhood subdivision standards (including consideration of site-specific applications) to enable the development of

smaller houses on smaller lots in existing detached residential areas.

2.1.2 Update zoning provisions (including consideration of site-specific applications) to increase the supply of coach houses (“detached

secondary suites”) in existing detached residential areas.

2.1.8 Ensure that new single-family dwellings respect neighbourhood character by:

a)  Reviewing regulations controlling the scale of new single-family dwellings; and

b)  Applying and updating built-form guidelines, as relevant, in regards to neighbourhood context and character, streetscape and natural features.

The biggest changes involve reducing the maximum floor area ratio (house size to lot size ratio) from the existing .35 to .30. As an example, on a 22,000 sq. ft. lot the current maximum house size is 7700 sq. ft. Under the new regulations, the maximum house size on the same lot would be decreased to 6300 sq. ft.

There are several other changes regarding sub-division of lots, coach house construction, roof heights and enclosed deck area calculations.

If you want to know how this could impact your property, or if you are wanting to build a home, talk to me about these new guidelines.

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